Dispatches from a human being playing and working in the digital space.

RAQ:  Rarely Asked Questions…

So, why My So Called Digital Life and what does it have to do with that old show featuring Claire Danes and the guy who just won an Oscar?

A:  Well, way back when I watched an intriguing, short lived show called, “My So Called Life.”  I loved it.  It created an atmosphere I could relate to.  An atmosphere you wanted to visit again and again.  To me, the best books, movies, and digital properties create that kind of environment and foster and certain kind of community.  They start with a sense of place and people.  Add to that, when I first saw MSCL it felt like my own little secret.  I kept thinking, “Has anyone else seen this show?”  “Do they know how cool this is?”  “Do they understand it?”  And then, of course, when the show was killed I thought, “They just don’t get it.”  I’ve had the same thoughts about the internet since I really started getting involved with it circa 1999.  I have some of the same feelings about the internet now.  Mixed with a lot of other feelings and thoughts, of course.  You know, the same way most of us feel about high school once we leave it, which is why MSCL endures to this day and so does my fascination with all things digital.

Ok.  So, what’s up with your “Anonymous Good Person” username?

A:  Oh, anonymity on the internet…it’s such a complicatedly wonderful hell hole.  Anonymous commenters can be DICKS.  With a capital “D”.  We’ve all seen it.  Sometimes you read the comments section of a blog or a news forum or a youtube videos and you’re left feeling we are all just an amorphous blob of human garbage.  You see hackers working under the moniker “anonymous” and at times it feels like they have no other thought other than pissing on everyone and everything.  But, and this is a huge BUT…


There were those “anonymous” hackers who hacked the high school football players of Steubenville that raped a girl and bragged about it on the internet.  The perps may have gotten away with their horrendous acts otherwise.  It’s hard to see those anonymous men and women as anything, but heroic.

There’s the fact that the ability to be “anonymous” allows men and women in countries and locales where they are not safe to speak their minds, to -indeed- speak their minds.  There’s the whistleblower factor.

Then, of course, there’s the literary one.  Sometimes it’s just easier to put yourself into a piece of writing when you don’t know too much about the author, but instead are really focusing on what they are SAYING.  This is one of the many reasons that writers have had “noms de plume” for centuries.

The above is why I’m going with “Anonymous Good Person” for now.

That doesn’t mean there won’t be other ways to connect with me on here.  I may use my real name at one point, I will probably feature some of my own social media accounts from time to time, I know I will feature some of my own videos…so, suffice it to say it won’t be too hard to figure out who I am or to connect with me on other platforms.  All I ask is that you connect with the writing, FIRST.

Interesting.  So, what are you trying to accomplish here?

Honestly, I’m trying to create a place for some of my deeper, more thought out, written work.  It will mostly have to do with digital things, but then again daily life deals with all things digital now, so it will probably have a lot to do with digital things in daily life and work.  It will be as in depth as I can accomplish and frequently it will be long form.  If that’s not the thing for you, no harm, no foul — chances are the rest of the internet will meet your short form needs.



Writer. Digital Human. Thinker. Doer. Good person.

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