Buzzfeed is a powerhouse.  What once looked like a quirky little, internet-ish TMZ-type website, I would now call the front runner in a sea of “can’t keep ups”.  Their stuff is so good and their focus on “identity” is a big part of that success.  When you see a Buzzfeed list or a video and you think, “That is so me.”  Actually, that is so Buzzfeed.

It’s part of their whole thought process.  Make stuff that makes people go, “that is so me” and then they’ll share it like crazy.  Bingo.  You just won the internet, traffic lottery.

The fact that they’re also the first company centralizing their writer/ actor / producers on a platform like Facebook through Buzzfeed branded talent pages, is not a big surprise, even though it’s pretty ingenious.

It’s not a big surprise because innovation is so ingrained at Buzzfeed that it seems normal to everyone else.  At least that’s the only reason I can think of that more people aren’t talking about this because, honestly, it should be talked about because it’s so smart.

Forget the comedy clubs.

Their dead.

Forget Youtube.  (You needed to be first to the platform for that to really work, so what’s the point?)

Forget agents.  What do they really do anyway?

Because now…

Now you get famous on Buzzfeed through Buzzfeed video.

It works.  The writing is above par, the videos are completely inernet-ish and -best of all- they are ripe to be shared.

For example, there’s my favorite —

Matt Bellassai.  From what I can tell, he’s a Buzzfeed writer.  He probably has something to do with Buzzfeed BFF.  (Buzzfeed BFF is like the Oatmeal of Buzzfeed.) His show “Whine About It” is a must watch.

Here’s one of my favorite videos about weddings —

Then there’s Buzzfeed Andrew who seems to do a lot about food, but also made one of my favorite videos:  Cats Sitting on Glass.

It’s so good.  So internet.  So cats.

There’s also Buzzfeed Ashly who I really like and who I’d like even more if I were still 20 years old.  The only video you need to watch to understand her talent is called, “Things Beyonce Does That’d Be Awkward If You Did Them”.  Thank you and you’re welcome.

Now, there are plenty more Buzzfeed artists and they all have their value.  This post is meant to act more as a primer then a complete list.  No doubt these guys are pretty unstoppable because think about it…what if Youtube stars had mentors when they started out?  People like Ze Frank leading them instead of just their gut?  Well, THAT is a whole other ball game.

What do you think about Buzzfeed’s Talent Farm?  I’d love to hear your thoughts about it in the comments section below.

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