Oh apps.  There are so many of them and often they are nonsense.  When I look at my smartphone, there are a ton of apps present and only a handful in actual everyday use.

Sure, once a year I fire up my “dog sounds” app and drive my pooch bananas, but mostly it sits there.  So do all the other apps that were supposed to be “life changing.”

Of late, though, there is one exception…


It’s amazing.  So, what the hell does Evernote do?  Basically, it helps to organize the creative brain.  If you’re like me and you do a lot of online research, maybe you’re always bookmarking things or looking through your browser history to find that all important thing.  With Evernote, you use the web clipper and -boom- the note is saved to a notebook.

Now this is not some sort of affiliate post where Evernote is paying me .10 to sling their product.  Hell, this blog is so new, no one is going to pay me to do anything just yet.  So, trust, this is pure – me helping you.

What can you do with Evernote?  Here’s a quick rundown.

Use it as a scanner.  My accountant always wants me to keep receipts for the videos I make, the blogs I build, the show I put on and I’m hopelessly bad at it.  But, not anymore.  Now I take a picture of the receipt and file it electronically in Evernote immediately.  Same thing goes for business cards.

What’s even more amazing is Evernote has something called a, “document camera”.  The idea there is if you take a pic with the document cam, your picture will now be searchable for when your Evernote storage becomes quite large.

It syncs across all devices.  Sometimes you’re waiting around somewhere, say for your car to be washed, and you want to continue that idea you had, but your laptop is back at the house.  With Evernote,  now your laptop and phone are synced. So, pick up the phone, open the note, and pick up where you left off.

Fancy pictures with arrows and things.  How prevalent has the screenshot become?  I can’t tell you how many times I’m working with a developer or what have you and he’ll say to me, “take a screenshot” and send it over.  Well, sometimes the screenshot is info overload and you want to highlight an area with a quick arrow and circle around the important parts.  With Skitch and Evernote, you can do that in 5 seconds.

There are voice notes.  If you’re on the run or driving in the car and can’t write something down, just voice record it and file it away in Evernote.

It gets you super organized.  I’m planning the trips of a lifetime and it’s all due to Evernote.  I can do the trip research in my own time and save it all to Evernote.  No fuss, no muss.

There’s an Evernote paper notebook.  At first I was like, what kind of scam is this, a $30 notebook so you can take pics of what you’ve just written down?  WASTE.  But, hold up, not if that notebook in combo with your phone actually recognizes your handwriting in search.  It does.  It’s amazing.  Plus, the thing just looks good.  Maybe I’m becoming a design nerd, but -damn it- I just like nice things.

The Paper Notebook for Your Smartphone

Right now, I’m writing this down in word.  Well, mac pages, to be exact, but I’ll immediately copy and paste it right into Evernote.  That way I can refine it, add images, links, etc, from any browser I’m on or even from my phone.  It takes efficiency to another level.

It’s the one app I’ve used in ages that actually makes a difference when it comes to my life and workload.  Oh and it’s free, unless you upgrade to premium, which seems to only be about $45 per year.

What about you?  Any amazing productivity hacks or apps we should know about?  Tell us in the comments section.


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