Are you friends with a lot of drag queens on facebook?  I am.  Call it a remnant of my old stand up comedy life, perhaps.  Whatever it is, I love that I have collected a ton of these wonderful humans in my friends list. Normally my drag queens will post info about a show here and there or a delightfully snarky comment now and again. Normal, human, artist stuff.  However, the other day, my feed seemed to blow up with all things drag.
I wasn’t entirely clued into what was happening exactly.  What I did notice is that it seemed like the ladies were up in arms about something.
A little further investigation revealed that facebook had shut them down.
What?  Silence a drag queen?!  Never!  I pity the fool.  Seriously, PITY.THE.FOOL.  For they will retaliate and you would deserve it.
Thankfully, that is / was the case — the drag queens got tough, got united and caused such a stink that facebook undid the deed and returned their social profiles to them.
So, what happened, again, exactly?
There’s a little known TOS (terms of service) caveat on facebook that says you must use your real name. Most drag queens don’t having created a different persona even more delightful (often times) than their birth one.  Their facebook name might be Urethra Franklin, for example, as opposed to Brian Cunningham.  You get the picture and if not, here’s one…
Drag Queens Screwed By Hateful User
Enter Hateful User.
Hateful User is one man (or woman) who took it upon himself to shut down all the drag queens on facebook using the “real names” fine print in the TOS.
There’s so much wrong here that it’s hard to know where to begin.  All of the internet loves a list, so let me start there.
1.  Hateful User clearly has too much power (and all solo users in general for that matter).  The fact that one person can go around shutting down the accounts of many seems just, well, like the tyranny of the minority allowed by Mark Zuckerburg.
2.  It’s pretty much a hate crime.  Granted a softball-down-center-plate of a hate crime, but a hate crime nonetheless.  For those that think that’s being dramatic, witness the tweets from Hateful User’s twitter account below:
Facebook User Takes Down Drag Queens
3.  Too much time on the user’s Hateful hands.  Who in the holy hell has enough time to individually take down the facebook profiles of a bunch of queens?  Too many people, unfortunately, is the answer to that.
4.  The anonymity question comes into play again.  Yep, I write my blog anonymously and if you want to know why read here.  However, it’s very easy to find out who I am.  Drag queens use fake names for a variety of reasons — to create some mystery around an alternate persona, to complete a character and -YES!- for protection.  You try walking through an alley in the bad part of town where the drag bar is, in six inch heels, with a quart of gin in you to perform a number and then go to your job as a mutual funds advisor the next day.  Okay, I’m exaggerating, but there was a time where this kind of thing could get you hurt.  For sure, I’m not a drag queen history expert, but I’m guessing a different stage name helped to protect those involved. THAT is when anonymity is a good thing.  When it serves to protect.  When you’re a lesbian blogger in Syria, for example.  Whoops, bad example.  But, I’ll write about that at a later date.
5.  Lastly, the absolute hypocrisy of Hateful User NOT USING HIS REAL FUCKEN’ NAME!  Oh, for god sakes, if you’re going to be a Hateful Hellion, at least own it. If you’re going to take a stand – even an absolutely wrong one – at least have the balls to show your face.  But, oh no, of course that’s not what happened. Hateful User never used a real name. Proving once again that drag queens have the greatest balls of them all.
What do you think?  Does the internet (at times) give too much power to the nefarious individual?

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